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    The Committee is established for development and implementation of Saint Petersburg state policy, coordination of activities of Saint Petersburg executive authorities in the sphere of investment, unified innovation policy, industry and agricultural sector.

    The Committee is an authorized executive authority of Saint Petersburg in the following spheres:

    • Coordination of activities on Saint Petersburg industrial policy implementation;
    • Implementation of state program on agricultural development and regulation of agricultural, raw materials and food markets and other activities related to development of agricultural sector of economy in Saint Petersburg, as well as cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation for the purpose of implementation of state support measures in agricultural sector, provision of financial assistance to agricultural organizations, including assistance at the expense of federal budget funds, in accordance with conditions and procedure for granting subsidies to the budgets of constituent entities of the Russian Federation on provision of state support to agricultural sector;
    • Implementation of innovation policy in Saint Petersburg, as well as coordination of activities of other executive authorities of Saint Petersburg in this sphere and cooperation with subjects of innovation activities;
    • Formation of investment policy in Saint Petersburg within the competence of the Committee as well as coordination of activities of other executive authorities of Saint Petersburg in this sphere.

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